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Colgate’s expansion in the beauty domain

adminmarket/ October 16, 2018/ Healthcare

Colgate-Palmolive Co outperformed the global BPC market over 2011-2016 thanks largely to booming demand for its oral care products in emerging markets. However, increasing competition is making market conditions tougher, and although it has slimmed its SKUs, maintaining margins is becoming tough, especially as its portfolio is mass aligned. There are loud rumors that it is seeking a buyer; the strength

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Advancement of Virtual Reality market

adminmarket/ October 16, 2018/ Technology

  Technology in the field of virtual reality is getting innovative, resulting in new virtual reality components. VR headsets which provide semi immersive technology will be replaced by entirely immersive technology-based products such as suits which allows haptic to full body. Fully Immersive virtual reality is the appearance of an artificial surrounding which replaces users real-world surroundings. Immersive is a

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