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Commerce in 2040, reliable?

adminmarket/ October 23, 2018/ Finance and Banking

Explore how underlying drivers could change different consumer worlds over the next 20 years. In this report, the researcher outlines a vision for commerce in 2040, highlighting the new formats, business models and experiences that consumers of tomorrow will expect, and the implications thereof. This thought-provoking report, which serves as the kick-off of the broader Commerce 2040 series, includes visualizations

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Nestlé is the world’s extensive hot drinks company

adminmarket/ October 23, 2018/ Agriculture and Food

Nestlé is the world’s largest hot drinks company, and the global leader in retail coffee and flavored powder drinks. Its flagship brand Nescafé continues to grow strongly in developing markets, while its pod systems power growth in the developed ones, where instant is struggling. The addition of the Starbucks brands to its portfolio brings Nestlé into new areas of fresh

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