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LED Signage Market

LED Signage Market covers LED system-parts, as well as the complete sign/display (system), which are used in stationary (non-vehicle) applications.

LEDs are used in large outdoor video screens, digital billboards, sport/stadium displays, small indoor retail displays, channel-lettering/light-boxes, LED/LCD screens (used exclusively for professional display purposes), as well as lamps that provide light for traditional signage.

LED Signage Market end-user applications:

Off Premise Outdoor (Roadway Billboards and Other Roadway)
On Premise Outdoor

Offices and Education
Entertainment, Sports, Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping, Other Similar
Transportation (Airports, Train/Bus Terminals, Other Similar)

Geographic regions:

  • America (North America, Central and South America)
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastern countries, plus Africa)
  • APAC (Asia Pacific)

LED Signage Market Functions:

  • Consumption Value (US$, Million)
  • Quantity (number/units: Million)
  • Average Selling Prices (ASP $, each)

Levels of LED Signage Market:

Level 1 – LED chip
Level 2 – Packaged LED chip (single and multiple-chip)
Level 3 – Sub-System (sign/display “tile” module; backlighting; and front lighting)
Level 4 – System (LED sign or display screen and luminaire)

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