Beauty & Cosmetics world is imperfect without Perfume and Fragrances!

The Global Perfume & Fragrance Market has witnessed continued demand during the last few years and is projected to reach USD 64.6 billion at a CAGR of 6.00% by 2023 in terms of value. Perfume & Fragrance market has witnessed substantial innovation in terms of new product launches along with research & development and collaboration by the industrial players. Also, the overall increasing disposable income of the consumer and their evolving buying pattern over the past few years which, in turn, has led to a surge in the sales of perfume & fragrance during the forecast period.

Perfume and Fragrances Research Reports
Global Perfume and Fragrances | Market Research Reports and Forecast 2023 | Aarkstore

Globalization and urbanization have significantly affected the composition of consumption basket of consumers and has influenced their buying behavior and the urban life encourages the consumers to segregate the priority and non-priority goods for themselves. Also, in developing economies especially India and China, major factors such as growing number of affluent and middle class, rising household disposable income and higher luxury spending have also contributed to rising sales of perfumes in these economies. The emergence of consumer-oriented societies along with the spread of consumerism and evolving consumerist attitudes in the GCC region has further reinforced the potential of growth of the perfume industry. For instance, spread of consumerism in Saudi Arabia is a result of a complex of global and local factors and the emergence and spread of commercial television and the internet, innovative marketing strategies, relentless and manipulative advertising, urbanization, and proliferating shopping centers and emulation of the Western culture have significantly resulted in growing demand for luxury goods such as perfumes.

The strategic sales plan of perfume manufacturers, especially with luxury brands include the use of online channels for marketing along with product promotion through sponsoring events and using other platforms for promotion. Mid-priced and economy brands also focus on choosing right marketing strategies which gives out a clear to Target Audience and which is not aggressive to deliver the anti-social message.

Today, perfumes are available with a low concentration of fragrance oils such as eau de cologne and eau fraiche, aiming to increase the number of consumers who use perfumes on a daily basis. With increasing frequency of perfume use resulting in creating a huge demand for perfume packaging in the coming years.

Key Players

The leading market players in the global Perfume & fragrances market primarily are Elizabeth Arden, Inc. (U.S.), Loreal (France), Shiseido (Japan), IFF (U.S.), Chanel (France), Estee Lauder (U.S.), Avon (U.S.), Vivenza (Kuwait), Royal Beauty Group Co.(Kuwait), AlQuraishi Fragrances (Kuwait), Reehat Al Atoor (Bahrain), Asghar Ali Co. W.L.L.(Bahrain), Rasasi Perfumes Industry LLC (UAE), Arabian Oud (Saudi Arabia), Swiss Arabian Perfume Grp (UAE), Atyab Al Marshoud (Kuwait), Al Shaya (Kuwait), Ajmal Perfume (UAE), Abdulsamad Al Qurashi (Saudi Arabia).

Key Findings

  • The Global perfume & fragrances market is projected to reach USD 64.6 billion by the end of 2023.
  • Among the product type, Eau de Parfum segment will dominate the Perfume & Fragrance market and is projected to reach USD 33.49 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 6.33% in terms of value. Eau de Toilette segment is projected to grow at the substantial CAGR of 6.16% to reach USD 20.02 billion by 2023.
  • Among the consumer group, women segment will dominate the Perfume & Fragrance market and is projected to reach USD 37.24 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 5.67% in terms of value. Men segment is projected to grow at the substantial CAGR of 6.53% to reach USD 23.85 billion by 2023.
  • Regional and Country Analysis of perfume & fragrances market development and demand Forecast to 2022 Market.
  • As per the MRFR analysis, the Global Perfume & Fragrance market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. Europe region is accounting for 35.98% market proportion in the year of 2017 in the global Perfume & Fragrance market and it is estimated to retain its dominance throughout the forecast period of 2017-2023.
  • Asia Pacific region is projected to expand at a high pace as compared to the other region and will register a healthy CAGR of 6.20% during the forecast period. Increasing middle-income population group with more disposable income, continuous urbanization in developing economies are anticipated to fuel the sales of Perfume & Fragrance in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Perfumes have experienced significant product innovations over the last few years in Asia Pacific region which in turn accelerates the sales of Perfume & Fragrance in the near future.

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Aarkstore: India Bicycle Market Research – Size and Trends 2022

A BICYCLE is a common mode of transport for people in rural areas particularly within low income societies, but is continuously gaining traction in urban areas as well especially among successful and affluent people.

The Indian bicycle market comprises of mainly roadsters, fancy, kids and other types of bicycles. Other bicycles include cycles meant for different purposes like mountain bikes, sports bike, hybrid bike, touring bike, etc. The categorization of bicycle market can be done based on end user viz. retail sector and institutional sector. Retail sector encompasses residents or people who buy bicycles for their personal use or for their near and dear ones from retail outlets. Whereas institutional sales are usually done in bulk and the prospective customers include Central or State Governments or societies or clubs at times.

Bicycle Industry in India
Bicycle Industry in India | Complete Market Forecast 2022 by Aarkstore


According to recently published report of Bonafide Research India Bicycle Market Overview, 2016-2022, bicycle market in India is expected to register a CAGR of more than 8% in terms of value during the forecasted period of 2016-17 to 2021-22. The key domestic players in the bicycle industry are Hero Cycles, Avon Cycles, TI Cycles, Atlas, Firefox Cycles and Starkenn Sports. The top two players together constitute approximately 50% of the market revenues. Likewise, the share of all other key players is given in the report in value and volume terms both. The bicycle industry has remained stagnant for a long time, but the winds are changing now, a lot is happening in the industry and in the country, due to which the market is set to grow in the future. The efforts made by manufacturers to grab the market through interventions like entering into joint ventures with foreign brands, revisions in the marketing and distribution strategies, introduction of wider product portfolio and innovations like carbon frames, etc. have impacted the market positively. On the other hand, the lifestyle changes in the society and inclination towards premiumisation in bicycles have also contributed to changed outlook towards bicycles.

Now more Indians living in cities take cycling for reasons ranging from keeping fit, to general purpose, office commuting and leisure; cycling clubs have also mushroomed on social networking sites. The bicycle companies are focusing on this niche but growing segment of recreational bicycles. Moreover, opinion leaders like Salman Khan and John Abraham has also influenced the population to a large extent. Government orders of bicycles have added to the growth of standard bicycle market. Based on the price, the market can be further categorised into standard/mass, fancy, premium and super-premium/hi-end segments. The market for all the segments is given in terms of volume and value both along with respective shares in y-o-y basis. Apart from domestic brands, foreign brands also have significant demand in the country, and keeping that in mind foreign players are entering the market.

India Bicycle Market Overview, 2016-2022 discusses the following aspects of bicycle in India:

The report gives an in-depth understanding of bicycle market in India:

  • India Bicycle Market Outlook
  • India Bicycle Market Size By Value & Forecast
  • India Standard/ Mass Bicycle Market Size By Value & Forecast
  • India Fancy Bicycle Market Size By Value & Forecast
  • India Premium Bicycle Market Size By Value & Forecast
  • India Super-premium Bicycle Market Size By Value & Forecast
  • India Bicycle Market Size By Volume & Forecast
  • India Standard/ Mass Bicycle Market Size By Volume & Forecast
  • India Fancy Bicycle Market Size By Volume & Forecast
  • India Premium Bicycle Market Size By Volume & Forecast
  • India Super-premium Bicycle Market Size By Volume & Forecast
  • India Bicycle Market Segmental Analysis: By Company, By Price Category, By Type of Bicycles, By End User
  • The key vendors in this market space

This report can be useful to Industry consultants, manufacturers and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry.

Report Methodology :

The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary research. Primary research included interviews with various channel partners of bicycle in India. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like company annual reports, financial reports and proprietary databases.

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Chilled Pasta market in the U.S shows CAGR of 4.85%

Chilled Pasta market in the United States of America registered a positive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.85% during the period 2012 to 2017 with a sales value of USD 316.74 Million in 2017, an increase of 4.55% over 2016. The market achieved its strongest performance in 2016 when it grew by 4.97% over its previous year and its weakest performance in 2017 when it increased by 4.55% over 2016.

pasta and noodles market

The market research handbook acts as an essential tool for companies active or planning to venture into the United States of Americas Chilled Pasta (Pasta & Noodles) market. The comprehensive statistics within the research handbook provides insight into the operating environment of the market and also ensures right business decision making based on historical trends and industry model based forecasting

Sales Values in the handbook are depicted in USD ($) and local currency of country and Volumes are represented in M Kilograms.

Overall Chilled Pasta (Pasta & Noodles) market value and volume analytics with growth analysis from 2012 to 2022.
Value and Volume terms for the top brands.
Distribution channel sales analytics from 2014-2017.

Reasons to buy

Get access to authoritative and granular data on the Chilled Pasta (Pasta & Noodles) market and fill in the gaps in understanding of trends and the components of change behind them.

Enhance your understanding of the market to update your strategic and tactical plans based on volume and value changes, brand dynamics and distribution trends.

Analyze the components of change in the market by looking at historic and future growth patterns.

Use the data to understand future patterns of the market trends from winners and losers to category dynamics and thereby quickly and easily identify the key areas in which you want to compete in the future.

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