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Hydrogen Fuel Cells – The Next Generation Energy Source!

adminmarket/ November 28, 2018/ Energy and Power

Global Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Market Research Report – Forecast To 2025 A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that combines hydrogen fuel with oxygen to produce electricity, heat, and water. The fuel cell is very similar to a battery, wherein an electrochemical reaction arises as long as fuel is available. Hydrogen is kept in a pressurized container and oxygen

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Pollution free, Renewable energy – The Wind Power!

adminmarket/ November 9, 2018/ Energy and Power

The world economy continues to experience intense growth and restructuring. Natural resources are diminishing at alarming rates and irretrievable destruction is being done to the environment. Fossil fuels remain in high demand as their accessibility decreases and the environmental concerns rise. It is projected that the small wind power market will grow at a promising pace in the forecast period.

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