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Foodservice Global Industry Guide

adminmarket/ January 2, 2019/ Agriculture and Food

Foodservice Global Industry Guide provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including industry size (value and volume 2013-17, and forecast to 2022). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the industry. The global foodservice industry had total revenues of $3,144.9bn in 2017, representing a compound annual growth rate

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Global lighting product Market, an expanded product portfolio.

adminmarket/ January 2, 2019/ Business Services

The critical perspectives to be able to evaluate the world market for lighting products. The publication provides the market size, growth and forecasts at the global level as well as for the following countries: Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Egypt Ethiopia France India Japan Malaysia Netherlands Philippines Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Thailand United Kingdom United States Others The market data

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In-depth analysis of Global Sports Goods.

adminmarket/ December 31, 2018/ Uncategorized

This publication enables readers the critical perspectives to be able to evaluate the world market for sports goods. The publication provides the market size, growth and forecasts at the global level as well as for the following countries: Australia Brazil Canada China Ethiopia France Germany India Malaysia Netherlands Saudi Arabia South Africa Thailand United Kingdom United States The market data

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Global Steel Market Analysis

adminmarket/ December 27, 2018/ Chemical

Global Steel Market Research Report and Industry Analysis, Forecast 2023 Steel is a high strength alloy of iron, which is produced by impregnating iron with carbon. It has superior strength bearing and mechanical properties. Such high strength alloys are used in a number of end-use industries such as building & construction, electrical appliances, domestic appliances, oil & gas, and automotive.

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Digital Customer Experience And Service Automation market overview

adminmarket/ December 27, 2018/ Technology

Digital customer experience and service automation (DXE) is defined as the entire ecosystem that comprises the digital transformational components, which are elusive for the enablement of an optimal and cohesive digital service delivery. As real-time and efficient customer support is becoming a key mantra to success for any business entity, it is evident that most of the leading companies will have

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Electric Power Steering replacing hydraulic steering in the automotive industry!

adminmarket/ December 26, 2018/ Automotive, Business Services

Global Electric Steering Market Research Report 2023 Electric Power Steering is also known as EPS, uses a motor to assist the driver of the vehicle. Electric steering is increasingly replacing hydraulic steering in the automotive industry. These steering uses an electric motor instead and provides increased steering capabilities with less effort, as it removes the hose, fluid, drive belt, pulley,

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Global wireless sensors market-technological advancements.

adminmarket/ December 26, 2018/ Technology

The global wireless sensors market reached a value of US$ 3.1 Billion in 2017. Wireless sensors are standard measurement tools that are equipped with transmitters that can convert signals from process control instruments into a radio transmission. Originally conceptualized for military use, these networks now have wide-ranging applications in civilian, industrial, and consumer markets. These extend from preventing trespassing to monitoring building

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Global plastic caps and closure-analysis and research.

adminmarket/ December 24, 2018/ Business Services

The demand for plastic caps and closures is currently exhibiting strong growth. Plastic caps and closures offer significant advantages over caps and closures made up of other materials such as metal, rubber, etc. Plastic is more economical, versatile, durable, light and resistant to corrosion. Moreover, driven by its lighter weight, it results in a lower transportation cost. PET, PP, HDPE, LDPE, etc.

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Japan Chocolate and Confectionery Market

adminmarket/ December 22, 2018/ Agriculture and Food

Japan Chocolate Market Outlook – Industry Analysis, Trends, and Forecast 2022 Japan is the largest confectionery market in Asia with a high per capita consumption of chocolate. The recession in 2009, along with the earthquake and tsunami in year 2011, caused the Japanese economy to significantly retract, which negatively affected consumer spending. A trend observed in all three confectionery categories

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The global smart TV market- on a dominating spree.

adminmarket/ December 21, 2018/ Technology

  The global smart TV market reached a value of US$ X Billion in 2017. A smart TV is a television that is connected to the internet and offers a wide array of online features, this includes on-demand content from various apps, access to streaming services such as Netflix, and the capability to connect with numerous other wireless devices such

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