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Protecting varied Cyber thefts

adminmarket/ August 23, 2018/ Technology

The global cybersecurity in the financial services market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 9.81%, leading to a global revenue of USD 42.66 Bn by 2023. Cybersecurity involves a set of techniques that are designed to protect the integrity of networks, programs, and data, from unauthorized access, cyber attacks, and damages. Of late, cyber attacks in the financial services sector

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Indian Telecom Sector: A complete Breakdown

adminmarket/ August 21, 2018/ Technology

Telecom industry has long been associated with manageable profits in the Indian economy. The growth of growing competition has accustomed liability in several financial sectors. While some telecom biggies have outshone others, several did deliver below the level performance signaling a takeover and eventual bankruptcy. According to India Telecom Service Market Forecasts and Technology, Market Research Reports a rising growth has been seen

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India Smartphone Market and Forecast 2020

adminmarket/ August 6, 2018/ Technology/ 0 comments

India Smartphone Market Outlook, 2020 gives a comprehensive analysis of the smartphone industry in India as well as worldwide. The mobile phone market is constantly in a state of flux and has become highly competitive with major international players facing strong competition from the local players, thus creating difficulties for manufacturers to retain their market shares.   A few years

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