Oil and Gas, a threat to the common man?

Oil and GasThe Global atmosphere is charging up with increasing prices of crude oil. This is in respect to various global indicators which make crude oil costs more. Previous accumulation data of Oil and Gas Market sectors were hopeful about crude prices is not going over $70 on a global scale. This didn’t happen though, with prices soaring constantly, there is no limit for the endpoint.

The Recent phase

Consequently, Iran is the country whose sanctions are hitting on a global spree. Coming two months are crucial for the country to decide if it is proposing export solutions. Currently, the export of crude oil barrels is 2 million a day. This accounts for 28 percent less than the previous outgrowth of exports. Energy and Power Market suggests the current trend is less likely to change.

The reason being Iran has made a decision not to increase the production beyond a single quota. It is now clear that OPEC countries are not into much coordination with Iran, after the proposed comment.

Moreover, market research reports suggest this is a future chaotic response with the consequent OPEC and even the US, who are maintaining a tough attitude in regard to Iran’s move.

Oil and Gas1

Future predictions

Ordinarily, the current trend in Oil and Gas Markets are indicating that petrol prices won’t remain this flexible. Coming year might witness a decrease in Petrol price, but diesel will not be going down. This is because diesel consumers are just passing through. The rise is just a start for mediocre diesel prices. Consequently, this might just pass on to a hike in rates of taxi fares.

On the other hand for a petrol customer, the absorbent of a rise in prices in mandatory. This particular area is building up discontent and rage among two-wheeler segments, in the middle class. Since they are not being able to use a choice of diesel and petrol. Currently, no contingency plan is on the books for the grunt felt by these people. Blaming the international market is just over the process and is the current strategy of the government. Oil and Gas Market is advancing with different agendas regarding the rise of crude oil.

Companies Involved

Market research reports are publishing theories of ownership of HPCL by ONGC. This has further led to questioning if the company is government-owned or private. Consequently, there is no such change in the faculty and managing structure of HPCL. Previously, ONGC did shuck up the entire GSPC. With the current news trending, it seems they are heavy-duty listing on OVL.Oil and Gas2


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