Autism- an overview of the disorder

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Autism has been a long debated disorder among experts. Some do believe that it goes on for only the first three years in one’s life. Dominantly, it affects the normal functions of one’s brain and also the overall development and socio-communicative skills. Certain reports including the CDC has stated that one of 68 children were affected by the disorder in the U.S. Different causes lead to believe as genetics being one of the major ones.

What is it!

Also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, it has been used as a synonym with the initials ASD for a long period now. It describes a developmental dysfunction which has been largely caused by the abnormality in the brain, which mainly causes the person in having social and verbal issues. The population which suffers from this also have a major issue in the significant change of routine life.

How does it affect!

Autism has a variety of symptoms and people affected mostly experience difficulty in making the below-mentioned processes.

Social communication

ASD affected people can behave entirely different from the normal population. If there are mild symptoms, it mostly results in social communication skills. They can largely be giving clumsy replies which are out of synchronization with the others. The eye contact is minimal and people might just miss cues in catching the attention of others.


The population affected often find hard in empathizing the feelings of others. Empathy can never come in naturally. With constant practice and reminder, it does improve over time. Autistic individuals also have to talk on a general topic which is particular in the tendency to dominate a speech.

Bodily contact

People who have ASD find difficult to have physical contact made. Physical contacts are largely uncomfortable for them, and they might need constant practice to cope up with it. They further need to anticipate as to when the contact might happen to generally feel good about it.

Diagnosis and cure

Until now there has been no cure for the disorder. The specific treatments mostly involve that of improving qualities of life. It is mostly known as a spectrum condition as it can present itself with a variety of characteristics and combinations. These processes cannot be entirely generalized. Therefore, this hasn’t been termed as a disease but more of a lifestyle. As far as treatment goes, one plan that may work for an ASD affected person may not be effective to another. At times even people have different profiles and needs which can require further attention.

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