Autonomous vehicles, major restrains and factors.

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The current demand for vehicle safety has been on a significant increase with more number of road accidents occurring. Alone the U.S has been accounting for a record of more than 35000 deaths each year. All of these are termed to road accidents frequently. Deaths in China has been by far the second most with around 2,00000. In U.K, accidents have increased with Japan being estimated to be near in between 17k to 4k in a year in Autonomous vehicles.

The reasons!

The U.S Department of Transportation states some major reasons in deaths currently have been in terms of accidents which are a result of errors made by the driver alone. Faults such as influence on alcohol and not wearing a seatbelt are major factors responsible for the accidents involving Autonomous vehicles. The injuries which resulted from this made U.S citizens on paying an amount of 18Billion dollars alone in the year of 2017. The country, on the other hand, had been to an estimated work loss of 33 billion dollars. Self-Driving Vehicles has been by a par on the accident zone for most of the time now.

Motor Accident Commission South Australia also reported drivers’ distraction also being a major threat, which is largely caused due to the cell phone usage contributing 30 percent to total fatal crashes and around 40 percent of serious injury accidents every year among Autonomous Vehicles.

Congestion in roads.

With an increase in congestion, most cities are choking out with less space for vehicles. Future expectations of the population in urban areas are expected to rise by a billion each year. This, in turn, will create unavailability of resources, jobs and less availability of space. In major cities, the issue of traffic congestion is one of the most common phenomena and people lose parking space ending up in spending more. This largely results in more computation time, and fuel consumption. Autonomous Vehicles further has to face issues in the containment and parking scenarios.

Cost of Owning vehicles.

The increase in cost to own a car also makes the issue prevalent. U.S sales for last year increased around 1.8 percent with forecasts making round that it may further go on and off in the coming years. The whole of autonomous industry is further reconciling ways to make stage ready in the declining of sales. With this, there are many OEMs who get on to finding new business models which can invest in new modes of transportation. This is aimed to replace a need in the owning of the vehicle.

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