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Sleeping with varied positions!

Humans sleep for about 9000 days throughout their lifetime. Surrounding the number being pretty big, it is what terms as good health. But things don’t work the same way and can go variably wrong at times. The sleeping process has to be carefully taken and corrected, as a profound way of sleeping can affect many…

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Amazon’s Effects On The Online Prescription Drug Market

In 1999, Amazon tried to create the first ever major online pharmacy. While this attempt failed due to various FDA regulations, logistical challenges, and pre-existing business alliances, they’re making a second attempt at disrupting the online prescription drug market by becoming a major player in their own regard. Effective market research must first analyze the effects of…

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How Wearable Technology is Gearing Up to Make Us Healthier

Market research projects that the wearable industry will be worth $22 billion by 2022, with sales of wearable tech forecast to double over the next couple of years. The positive potential impact of technology in healthcare has been explored increasingly in recent years. Fitness trackers and heart monitoring have become well established in the world of wearables, with the…

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