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Implications of AI in Workforce Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has altered the way we work. It has the potential to optimize workforce management and employee engagement. Industries are adopting artificial intelligence to assist the workforce in the company’s operations. AI-driven algorithms perform complicated tasks with great efficiency and accuracy than humans. Researchers predict that 1.5 million jobs in England will be…

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Healthcare Market gears up for Augmented and Virtual reality

The current segment in augmented reality has overlaid many digital pieces of information in the physical world. Currently, it dominates the gathering of data and presents a 3D recognition condition. Virtual reality has been where computer-assisted technology is used to construct a simulated environment in a virtual manner. Presently, the global virtual reality and augmented…

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How Wearable Technology is Gearing Up to Make Us Healthier

Market research projects that the wearable industry will be worth $22 billion by 2022, with sales of wearable tech forecast to double over the next couple of years. The positive potential impact of technology in healthcare has been explored increasingly in recent years. Fitness trackers and heart monitoring have become well established in the world of wearables, with the…

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