Feelings and Vibrations around us

It’s always observed that some places are more peaceful to approach than others. The feeling of being repelled by other places even exists. This sense of feeling sick or unhappy in a room does happen with most of us, with a glance as we enter the room. Almost every individual does approach Meditation, Mental Peace, or spirituality to attain the inner sight of peacefulness in one point of life.

Around the globe, there are places which do carry vibrations and energy. These can be usually positive or negative depending on the source. But it is largely due to the vibrations that one feels at different places, that one can pass the moment in happiness or anger. No doubt one feels different as soon as one crosses a hospital and similar to that of the temple. A temple does give a more peaceful approach to any one who has been troubled. At times even persons carry some positive and negative vibrations with them.

People do feel happy and easily open up in the presence of a certain group of people, which some find difficult on the other hand. No matter how polite one speaks, there is always something that repels some population to talk. As a matter of fact, a child does carry the most effective vibrations, which is why we feel the light in the presence of a child around us. They effortlessly make us smile.

One age-old description says that researchers in quantum physics also have evidence to vibrations. Some population goes on to say that if one intends to find the secrets of the universe, one should solely focus on the energy and vibrations.

The interesting part, on the whole, is that vibrations do affect the mindset of others and so as by other people’s vibrations. If one considers happy and peaceful, the energy does catch on by everyone who has been concerned on self. At the same time, if one is sad and depressed, people who are close can also feel the same vibrations. It is often said that if a similar connection is sad, the vibration follows and reaches people who are nearby.

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