Heart Failure and Attack, variable terms with a distinct difference

It is often confusing to describe a heart failure to that of an attack. On the popular contrary belief, these are similar but technically different conditions. The difference has to be therefore established on varied conditions. Below are listed a few of the differences in the two diseases.

Defining the two terms

During a heart attack, the blood flow to the heart is often blocked, which can clot and build up the plaque in the arterial domain. As heart muscle does need the oxygen in for surviving, the blocked blood flow often makes muscle death. In a matter of span, heart attack patients need to go for a steady surgery for resolving the construction and restore the blood flow.

On the other hand, the term heart failure is a typical heart muscle failure, when it fails in pumping the blood the body needs to. In the long term, the chronic condition can occur suddenly without prior signs.

Sign and symptom

A common symptom of heart attacks is chest pain. This can be a tendency of mild or more severe in the form of these signs.

  • Heavy on chest feeling
  • Heavy pressure squeeze
  • Tight band on chest areas
  • Decreased digestion

At times the pain can last for 20 minutes or more with symptoms like cough and shortness of breath.

Heart failure can develop slow or sudden, depending on the onset and has varied symptoms-

  • Shortness of breathing
  • No/less appetite
  • Coughing
  • More urination at night

The treatment process

The damage to the heart in a heart attack can be largely reversed in by removing the blockage. This is done from the arteries through medications or even surgery.

On the other hand, heart failure cannot be cured totally. Only, lifestyle modifications, with medications can help in slowing the symptoms. At times surgical options are needed to help in managing further symptoms, with an improvement in the quality of patients.

Prior heart attacks cause most of heart failure cases, but not every heart attack does that. Majorly lifestyle is the sole factor in the process.

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