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The Indian space research organization hits the bull’s eye with an announcement of an outrageous lithium-ion cell technology conference in Chennai. The event has been marked as a breakthrough for Indian space scientists as it is expected to improve vigorously, the indigenous electric vehicle process.

Somnath, director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center has proclaimed 130 companies being on the guest list of the event, (the number being increased rapidly). Adding to the fact, he confirmed the event to occur on the 17th of July 2018.

Several attempts have been made in past to acquire a self-owned lithium ion technology by ISRO. Officially announced in June 2018, it planned to enhance the usage of this technology in automobiles for a whopping 1 crore budget.

Somnath further added that this transfer in between technology will be additionally fired up after transfer of documentation with the companies familiarizing themselves with this technology. Citing reasons such as unavailability of manpower, he added that such organizations can directly pay a visit to VSSC, without any prior invitation. The buyers with certain demands can go ahead with innovation according to current technology market research and needs.

Startups and successful Indian entrepreneurs are a priority for the VSSC, in Kerala. The aim is to fulfill their needs in establishing production facilities which can, in turn, produce different sizes, volume, and energy density according to power storage requirements. No such royalty fee is involved for ISRO, as it is an entirely developmental process of Technology market, quoted Somnath.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd(BHEL) has been the sole provider of the batteries operated by lithium technology.

Additionally, a security deposit of around Rs 4000,000 by ISRO has been adjusted against the technology transfer of the whopping 1 crore budget, predominantly levied upon unsuccessful/ withdrawn applications, which is refundable.

The process for the registration has been exclusively done by ISRO, which can be verified by the buyers themselves. It has all the necessary conditions that have to abide by buyers at the time of the agreement. After a successful collaboration in writing, the technology would be transferred to the required companies, verifying eligibility criteria.

The lithium-ion battery as proposed by ISRO has been dominating the technological market. Market research states, key aspects being variety of needs relying heavily on phones, laptops, cameras including several technologically advanced gadgets. The only exception being aerospace technical applications. Hybrid electric vehicles have also been modified to be used with these batteries.

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