Infrastructure Insight: The US


The US infrastructure industry is expected to grow steadily over the forecast period (2018-2022). The total output value of the infrastructure construction market reached US$326.6 billion in 2017, according to market research – up from US$321.2 billion in 2012 – and will rise to US$396 billion in 2022 (in nominal value terms), corresponding to a 3.9% annual average growth rate.

Reduced tax rates and deregulation are expected to boost overall investment levels over the coming years, especially in the telecommunications, energy and air transportation sectors. States and local governments are pushing for higher gas tax and user fees in order to increase revenues for public works, while the Trump administration is seeking to harness private capital to take advantage of government spending on infrastructure at the federal, state and local levels.

The report provides a detailed analysis of the infrastructure sector in the US, including the state of current infrastructure, the regulatory and financing landscapes, forecast spending across all key sectors and the major projects in the construction pipeline.

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The report covers all key infrastructure sectors: roads, railways, electricity and power, water and sewerage, communication, and airports and ports.

Key Highlights

– GlobalData is currently tracking 1,421 large-scale infrastructure projects in both the public and private sectors at all stages from announcement to execution. Collectively, these projects are worth US$1.2 trillion.
– The electricity and power sector account for the largest share of the project pipeline value at US$422.9 billion; this is followed by rail projects valued at US$405.8 billion; airport and other infrastructure projects with US$182.0 billion, road projects which make up for US$110.9 billion and water and sewerage projects valued at US$86.8 billion.
– The public sector is expected to finance 48.3% of the total value of infrastructure projects in the pipeline, while 31.6% are expected to be financed by the private sector (the majority of which are electricity and power projects). The remaining 20% will be financed by a mix of public and private sources.


– A concise analysis of the administrative, economic and political context for infrastructure in the US.
– An in-depth assessment of the current state of infrastructure in the US, including roads, railways, electricity and power, water and sewerage, communications, airports and ports.
– Five-year forecasts of construction output for each sector, and an analysis of the project pipelines, with details on all major projects, their funding mechanisms and leading contractors.
– A focus on main political and financial institutions involved in the infrastructure market, as well as the competitive and regulatory environment.

Reasons to buy market report

– Assess the current state of US infrastructure, and the main drivers of investment, including the key institutions and financing methods.
– Investigate forecasts and gain an understanding of key trends in each of the main infrastructure sectors.
– Analyze the main project participants operating in each sector, to better understand the competitive environment.
– Identify top projects by sector, development stage and start date, to inform your expansion strategy.

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