Old age tips in getting more sleep

April 16, 2019 0 By marketresearched.com

Adequate sleep is essential for the body as well as the mind. Along with a balanced diet, exercising on a regular basis is helpful for a sound sleep. These accounts more with senior citizens who have to ensure that a good night’s sleep is imperative in making them healthy in the long term.

Sufficient rest is described as an amount of 8 hours per day which improves energy levels and makes a right balance to thoughts and emotions.

As one goes ahead of age, the process of falling asleep is usually reduced due to the account of various reasons. This can be due to a changed lifestyle as well as various health and psychological issues added. So how can an elder individual account to prolonged sleep process in respect to the usual sleep routine!?

Setting up a sleep time

As one keeps an alarm time, even a sleep time can be fixed as the immediate time to go to bed. In this way, one can train the brain to get sleepy at a particular time. This process is mostly known as the circadian rhythm. Making the body and mind used to sleep time often requires a bit more practice.

Taking a warm bath.

A Warm bath just before the sleep ensures that the mind is relaxed while keeping random thoughts away from self. When the body’s temperature is dropped it helps further in rejuvenation and thus makes on to release melatonin, the sleep hormone. This trick has been used by many to help in the process of sleeping well.

A sleeping environment.

Often the issues faced in old age due to insomnia is mostly because of inadequacy to achieve a perfect environment. While making a room as much dark as a possible helps, often certain colors such as yellow, blue and orange even help in achieving calmness. The blue color is known majorly as providing a calm environment signal to the brain.

Some medical beds even help senior citizens in supporting good sleep.

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