Privacy Policy

The privacy enactment sees the adequate way to get the website to maintain a proper policy of disclosed information. It is made mandatory to every products and service offered by the site.

Information related to personal use.

The site may use and collect various information resulting in the use of the data given by users. Those who register on the site can be further put on to a subscription of a newsletter and other features based on the adherence. Thus the users may be asked for an appropriate name, and email addresses.

Furthermore, users can visit the site at any anonymous track.

The site collects information which is personal and can vary from users to users. At the time of the visit, the user may be asked to give information which they can even refuse to submit. The supply of information may even prevent in taking part in the site’s related activities, such as some cookies and functions.

Information not relating to a person.

At times the site may use various information that may not be personal, and be termed as non-personal pieces of information. This might get into the browser that is being used by the user. The technical information collected can depend on various factors like the type of computer and the data about the users as a process to communicate from our site. Personal information and internet service providers are also some information which can be used by the site.

Browsing cookies.

The site can/may use cookies for a better experience for the user. The browsing web places cookies in the system of the user’s computer/laptop to use the information in future instances. This can also help the site to track certain information for the sole purpose of user variability. The acceptance of cookies relies solely on the user and can be changed accordingly. Some aspects and features of the site may be unavailable if the user chooses not to accept cookies.

How the site protects information?

The collection of data and storage is a measure to fulfill user experiences. The site perfectly takes measures to protect every crucial piece of information such as password, information of transactions, username and varied other things.

Distributing personal Information

The website does not trade or sell the user’s personal information to any third party. There at times can be sharing of general information which is solely for the purpose of future collaborations. The generic demographic information is only purposed to the business partners, sponsors, and licensors. The site may use the information for some limited purposed with only from the permission of the user.