Sleeping with varied positions!

Humans sleep for about 9000 days throughout their lifetime. Surrounding the number being pretty big, it is what terms as good health. But things don’t work the same way and can go variably wrong at times.

The sleeping process has to be carefully taken and corrected, as a profound way of sleeping can affect many things in day to day lifestyle and health aspects. Below are discussed some of the best health tips to sleep in the perfect way.

Sleeping on the wrong side/position can have a number of issues to account for, from shoulder pain, neck pain and even jaw issues. So how to know about the best help tips to surround self without any injuries!?

The back pain

If back pain is a major issue, then one might rethink on the health tips he/she might be following. Sleep position is one of the major reasons that can be hampering.

To fix this on health aspects, one can choose a mattress which won’t be sagging or isn’t too soft.

Sleeping with varied positions

Choosing a good position to lessen the curve of the spine is the next step. Positions which have an effect on the back can be greatly beneficial for self-health. Additionally, adding a lumbar roll can largely add to the comfortability of the back. Keeping a pillow under the knees is also a good option.

While this can be a relief to the back, sleeping on the stomach side can be an issue. Sleeping on the side with knees bent can be attempted as a good health tip.

The pain on the neck!

When one is diagnosed with neck pain, the best positions to opt for is to sleep on the back or the side.

This does come up with some exceptions, as one may even need to have the right pillow, which can further give support to the neck. Memory foam pillows can also be used which can confirm the shape of the neck and back.

When pillows are too high or stiff, placing the head or neck in an unnatural position can further flex the neck throughout.

The acidity.

When people fall asleep on wrong or unwanted position, that can greatly lead to a burn in the esophagus. This is termed as heartburn. One of the worst positions for the acid refluxes is sleeping on the back, stomach or the right side of the body.

The left side is the best side to sleep and avoid any heartburn. This is because the left side does keep the stomach junction and the esophagus just above gastric acid. Thus, the stomach acid is prevented from leaking to the esophagus, the primary reason for the burn and discomfort.

Face Wrinkles

When one wakes up with creases and lines after sleeping on the face, the pillows are largely to blame. Although they are mostly temporary, they can affect the forehead, cheeks, and even lips.

The reason for sleep wrinkles is largely caused due to sleeping on the stomach side causing facial distortions. Sleeping on the back serves as the best option to avoid this.

Pain in Jaw

When one wakes up with a sore jaw, the reason is mostly that the grinding of the teeth. This happens when one sleeps on the side of the pain which is sore.

If one is grinding teeth at night, checking up with a dentist is a good idea, which can be further treated with a mouth guard. Sleeping on the side additionally puts a lot of pressure, on the joints of the jaw and its jaw itself. The solution is solely to sleep on the back.

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