Snacking in a healthy way!

April 16, 2019 0 By

Health benefits are plenty when it comes to food choices. But often healthy and tasty isn’t correlated. Specific foods may not be that delicious to churn upon but when it comes to nutritional benefit, surely they are the best.

Not that excess snacking can always be good, still, if it is required certain food items can always be chosen to have a snacking benefit over others.

Strawberries: Considering the low calories they have per measurement size, they are termed as one of the best options for low-calorie snacks. The number of calories in strawberry can be easily adjusted with over the few of the food items we usually snack during office hours. At times a glass of strawberry juice can also serve best during hunger pangs and can be best suited when you are calorie conscious.

Cinnamon and Flaxseeds.

The mixture of cinnamon and flax seed have a lot of health benefits to offer. Often the flax seeds are high in fiber which helps in the feeling of satiety. When they are mixed with a bit of cottage cheese makes it more of a healthier nutrient snack

The high protein in cottage cheese also accounts for filling. Additionally, the flax seed’s content of omega 3 fatty acids helps in fat regulation of the body. This helps in managing weight, and risks related to cancer. Cinnamon helps in lowering blood sugar levels and further improving gut health.

Berries mixed with Yogurt.

Berries mixed with Greek yogurt can make a healthy and nutritious snack which is high in satiety.Both offer a wide source of potassium and calcium and Green Yogurt acts as a high protein source. Berries are even known to offer a good source of antioxidants, mostly the colored berries. Half a cup of colored berries with around 2-4 ounce (-0.15 kg) of Greek yogurt gives the best of protein macros while keeping calorie count as below as 150.

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