Tasty And Nutritious – Check Out The Benefits Of Yogurt For Your Health!

Popular in the table of many families, yogurt is a food that can make a difference in the quality of your food. In addition to being extremely tasty, yogurt has several interesting nutritional characteristics but one that not everyone knows about. How about checking with the help of this article the benefits of yogurt for your health? Baked Comfort Food will give you all the tips to make tastiest yogurt.

Good Source Of Calcium For Your Bones

You’ve probably heard about how milk is an important source of calcium for food, right? Being a derivative of milk, we could not expect a very different nutritional composition for yogurt. This food can provide you with more than 100mg of calcium in just 100g.

Calcium is a mineral essential for bone health, responsible for strengthening its structures and avoiding the development of diseases such as osteoporosis, caused by the low concentration of this nutrient in the body.

Rich In Proteins Of High Biological Value

Products of animal origin, such as meats, milk and their derivatives, are considered to be very rich sources of proteins that we like to call “High Biological Value Proteins” (AVB). These proteins, when ingested, are most easily harnessed by the human body, which uses these nutrients in various metabolic and bodily activities.

Yogurt, therefore, is a food rich in this type of protein that, in addition to being essential for the formation of our muscle fibers and organs, also participate in various metabolic activities essential for human life, the formation of defense cells organism and even our hormone production.

Important For Gastrointestinal Health

Yogurts are foods that can be classified as probiotics. Probiotics are actually the name given to microorganisms that are beneficial to our health and can be found in some types of food – such as fermented milks and natural yogurts.

Intake of probiotics is indispensable to maintain proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system, improving our absorption of certain nutrients, digestion and avoiding uncomfortable pictures of intestinal constipation.

Improves Immune Response

Another important benefit promoted by the probiotics found in the portions of yogurt that you consume is the improvement of our immune response. These beneficial microorganisms help to replenish our intestinal bacterial flora, which plays an important role in the formation of the body’s immune response.

Having a healthy bowel, therefore, is indispensable for anyone who wants to keep immunity high. In this way, eating yogurt can be an excellent alternative to take care of this important organ.

There are different types of yogurt , which please all kinds of palates and nutritional goals. You can savor it for breakfast – with fruit, granola and other grains – or even use it in recipes to prepare lunch or dinner, replacing ingredients such as milk and sour cream.

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