Tips for being healthy on a desk job routine!

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Good Health is an aspect that yields result in long terms. People try a lot of varieties to lose weight, but don’t get it fixed from the beginning. Unusual food habits, a sedentary lifestyle and bingeing junk food more than required are the most common reasons for weight gain.

Long office hours surely drains a lot of Mental Health. Amid a regular desk job, it is difficult to get ahead of the regular lifestyle and be healthy. But there is surely a couple of processes which can be induced to ensure that you can stay healthy and fit, with losing a couple of extra pounds.

Count on Calories!

When the time is limited to stay active, ensure that each and every gram is calculated. Maintaining a portion size of every meal will ensure that your meal doesn’t go over the limits from the calories. Cook food, and have them carried to your desk, rather than bingeing upon unnecessary foods. At times avoiding unnecessary get-togethers, mostly in lunchtime is a remedy for your healthy routine. No matter what happens, always make use best of your portion size, and make a calculated approach to your macros.

Candy/Sweet cravings-A no!

Evening hours are always a delightful experience to pamper our sweet tooth. Make sure to carry your tiffins so that when you are full of your home food, there would be less to no room for sweets/cakes. Cakes and other sweet items are mostly empty calories, which are a lot more than one can think of. These calories do shoot your weight to an uneven number before you can even realize. So its always better to be stacked with good home food snacks which have a calculated macros scale.

Make sure you have your own lunchbox!

Having lunch outside is not at all a good idea when you know you are just sitting by the desk the whole day. If you plan to stay healthy, its always the best idea to bring home cooked food. Lunch from outside would simply make you overeat, as a general population tends to eat little to no food in breakfast. This simply means double the food at lunchtime. With restaurant menus being loaded with spicy and yummy pictures, it is always difficult to resist binge eating.

Walk more often, indulge in home exercises!

Long hours of the desktop can demand a lot of time, which can literally put every other thing such as gym in the red zone. In such scenarios it is always advisable to take walks to your workplace, considering it is only miles from your home. If it isn’t, don’t make a direct drop at the office, rather walk some distance, at least a Kilometer or two. Also, home workouts also can be attempted even during the tightest schedules, with simple types of equipment like bottles and resistance bands. These will give a grip to get ahead of the sedentary lifestyle and make you tackle unhealthiness.

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