Tobacco and Smoking, the ill effects!

Almost half of people who smoke/chew tobacco, die within half of their life span. With claiming 7 million lives each year, it accounts as one of the most devastating processes of health illness.

World estimate says, out of the 7 million people who get affected, around 5-6 million are direct users in the Tobacco consumption. On average, the remaining ones are further affected by passive smoking or second-hand smoke.

On average smoking has been killing people more than accidents, HIV, gunshots and even consumption of illegal drugs.

  • With an increase in use, tobacco smokers have short-lived with a lower life span.
  • Smokers, mostly men, have died early as 12 years with females at 11 years early.
  • Smoking causes cancer and even damage almost every organ in the body, including that of heart lungs, mouth, eyes, skin, bones and even the reproductive system.

The risk of cancer associated

Around 3-4k chemicals have been detected alone in tobacco smoking. Among them, almost 300 are harmful, with a record of 50 being carcinogenic.

The most common cancer caused by tobacco smoke is that of lung cancer. It has been mostly causing death in both genders for quite a while now. Reputed oncologists even portray lung cancer being one of the worst to tackle.

These days, there hasn’t been any safe way of tackling tobacco use. The slightest even is harmful to the body. No matter what one consumes on an overall, be it cigars, cigarettes, spits, pipes, they all can damage the lungs and increase the risk of cancer in the long run.

The effects of Passive smoking

While inhaling smoke, the harm is more than smoking. This is because it is taken directly through the nostrils. Even who don’t inhale the smoke, and think they are safe, can be at a poised risk.

In the end, if they have been breathing the smoke from their own mouth, with the burned end of the cigarette, they can largely pose the risk much more than per a regular smoker.

The effects on Lungs

The damage which is caused by tobacco smoke is an instant one. When it enters the airways of the nostrils through the respiratory system, the damage begins within a cellular level. Still, the problem can become diagnose only when the damage gets accumulated within the body for years. Again, the damage from the smaller duration of smoking can also be fatal and shouldn’t be considered as a passed out phase.

On the overall, tobacco smoking can enhance any pre-existing disorder of the respiratory system, such as asthma and pneumonia. It can cause also other diseases which re as bad as lung cancer, or even worse.

Effect on the cardiovascular system.

As chemicals can damage tissues in the respiratory system, they can damage anywhere they come in contact with. Irritants have the property to put everything they come as to be in risk. Further, with damaging the tissues, of the cardiovascular system, the heart and blood vessels get affected the most. Further, tobacco smoking can enhance the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease to a great extent. In recent studies, smoking has been attributed to the leading cause of coronary heart disease. This condition can lead to a heart attack and eventually death.

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